Cogility, LEO Technologies, and AWS partnered to make a difference in public safety.

Inmate phone calls have always been monitored by detectives to ascertain important contextual information. Historically, with the considerable volume of inmate calls, less than 3% would get heard and transcribed. Cogility’s HCEP technology allows Verus to use AI/ML to automatically listen, transcribe, and add context to ALL calls with unprecedented speed and efficiency.

How it works:
Four Powerful Functions for Investigators

Continuous Monitoring.
Keywords and phrases (e.g. kill myself or suicide) may be set to send alerts to predetermined recipient list.

Investigator Directed Search.
Easily search call transcripts by keyword and date range

Known Unknowns.
The system monitors all words said in every call and alerts investigators to new keywords appearing more often than statistically expected.

Instant Translation.
Call transcripts are translated in near real time from Spanish to English and vice versa.