Faster than you can flink.

Cogynt’s model-centric approach is the fastest, easiest and most expressive way to develop applications on Flink, the industry’s leading event stream processing platform.
Cogynt Platform

Our Platform

An advanced, zero-code streaming analytic platform, Cogynt allows data scientists and data engineers to easily create complex Flink jobs and quickly visualize the results without having to perform any coding.

Our platform works with all event types, from raw events generated from IoT devices to preprocessed data generated from AI and ML analytics, and provides actionable insights.

Cogynt can help maximize your streaming efforts by:

  • Giving business users of varying backgrounds the ability to compose, deploy, and iterate data models that describe complex business conditions
  • Allowing data engineers to build and manage data pipelines with ease, enabling them to experiment faster and evolve their pipelines along with their data
  • Empowering decision-makers and product owners to effortlessly create real-time analytic streams to power their dashboards

…all with zero code.

Work at think speed.

Workflow Comparison Chart | Regular Workflow is 5 Days to deployment, with Cogynt deployment can happen in 30 minutes

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