The Cogynt platform addresses these concerns utilizing a unique behavioral-based analytic method called Hierarchical Complex Event Processing (HCEP), and when combined with proven investigative intelligence methods, provides the means to detect and aggregate behavioral indicators for entities of interest on a continuous basis establishing patterns of life over indefinite periods of time. This approach is a significant advancement in current state of the art for continuous intelligence platforms.

Cogynt's Continuous Intelligence Platform
Enhances Human Performance

Cogynt enhances human performance by increasing the effectiveness of the analyst by an order of magnitude. This is accomplished by automating low-level tasks, empowering the analyst with easy-to-use, “no code” tools and integrated case management and collaboration with colleagues and decision makers.

Our Platform

Cogynt is a self-contained end-to-end analytic solution that provides:

Real-time situational awareness in complex sociotechnical environments.
Continuous monitoring of entity behavioral indicators and pattern of life analysis for indefinite periods of time.
Continuous risk/opportunity assessment for all behavioral patterns with real-time notifications.

Causal analysis captures source events that leads to informed decision making.


Automatic generation of networks exposing essential entity relationships.


Facilitates advanced investigative analysis with easy-to-use tools and visualizations


Cogynt: Flink without code — Samantha Chan
In our data-driven world, the need for speed has never been greater.
Overview of the Cogynt Event Stream Processing Platform Analytic
Cogility has been developing analytic solutions for the past 10 years.
Enhancing the Human Analytical Process through Complex Event Processing
At Cogility, we’ve been working with complex event processing (CEP) as a foundational part of our data analytics work since our founding.

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